Life is a gift, a precious gift. Far too often we let the things that go wrong ruin what is going right. How do you keep the right perspective and not waste a moment of the life you have been given? In this series we are going to find out how to live a wonderful life and discover when God is in the mix, it is a wonderful life!

No Matter – What Matters! – It’s A Wonderful Life (Session Two)

We are discovering in this mini-series that we can have “A Wonderful Life” – the reason we have that kind of life is because of Jesus. The interesting thing about following Jesus is that it allows us to see accurately the real world we live in. The culture that surrounds us often mistakes cliché for truth, but you can’t build your life on clichés… so no matter what you may have heard or what you may believe, there are somethings that really matter. Once you know them, then you have the freedom to live a wonderful life!

This is The Life – It’s A Wonderful Life (Session One)

God wants you to have a wonderful life. That is a true and exciting statement but it is one that must be understood. Our world can get complicated, messy, and difficult from time to time…let’s face it…for some it is this way all the time! Yet in the midst of it all, we find that God has something amazing in store for each of us. So this imperfect, sometimes tough, and always interesting world we live in is the very place that God is doing some of His best work. When we realize that, it changes everything and we see It is really a Wonderful Life. Today we look back into the book of Isaiah and see what happens when we see life in the right way.