Christian Church Winter Springs, FL

christian church winter springs fl

A place of worship is considered the lifeline of any Christian community all over the world. When you are looking for spiritual guidance, you can turn to a Christian church. In Winter Springs, FL, this is where people come to seek God for answers, pray for their loved ones, and obtain peace in times of hardships.

Importance of a Local Christian Church in a Winter Springs, FL Community

A Christian church in Winter Springs, FL is a sanctuary where you can go to become a member of the body of Christ. God has built a holy place in the form of a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL where anyone who wants to praise His glory is welcome. Aside from providing a place of worship, why else is a local Christian church in Winter Springs, FL important?

A Local Christian Church in Winter Springs, FL Is a Place With No Division

It is believed that everyone in a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL has the same dedication to the one true God. A Christian church in Winter Springs, FL welcomes everyone whatever their experiences may be. There is no divide between the pew and the pulpit in a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL. All of the worshipers are deemed equal in the presence of God and Jesus Christ.

The members of a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL can come from any walks of life, but they all serve one God. When you gather as one in a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL, you celebrate God and not yourselves. Your status and your background will not matter when you are a worshiper in a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL.

A Local Christian Church in Winter Springs, FL Can Meet Your Spiritual Needs

We live in an unpredictable world where a lot of unfortunate events occur. For believers, a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL is where they go to when they feel distraught. During these times, most people rely on their faith that a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL can empower. Many worshipers believe that going to a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL enables them to cope with life.

A Local Christian Church in Winter Springs, FL Offers Bible-Based Solutions and Counsel

A lot of advocates consider a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL as a one-stop shop of solutions to any problems they face. When people seem lost for answers, a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL is where they usually head to for enlightenment. Attending a worship service in an active Christian church in Winter Springs, FL gives believers the emotional response they need from God.

Any local Christian church in Winter Springs, FL has a leader who can teach you God’s words and help you apply His messages to your everyday life. A Christian church in Winter Springs, FL offers a spiritual food for the soul, which you need.

Worshipers get to learn about the Scriptures in every service held at a Christian church in Winter Springs, FL so that they will be able to live through Him.

Become a Member of a Reliable Christian Church in Winter Springs, FL

The Church @ 434 is a Southern Baptist Christian fellowship that provides a place where people have the freedom to become what God has called them to be. Our Christian church in Winter Springs, FL is made up of elders who provide leadership and wisdom to the entire congregation. If you are seeking a venue that truly celebrates Christ, turn to our Christian church in Winter Springs, FL.

Our staff presents opportunities for you and your loved ones’ spiritual growth and development. We make sure to assist each individual who comes to our church in living up to their full potential by building a relationship with Christ. Contact us to learn how you can be a part of our community.

Discover the Excitement of Living for Jesus

Now more than ever, there is a need for us to come together and find answers through the word of God. The best way for you to feel closer to Him is to learn from valuable resources and knowledgeable people who can guide you on our journey to discovering your faith. Look for a church that offers Bible studies, podcasts, and worship services that’ll help you better understand the role God plays in your life.

Our Staff

The Church @ 434 is composed of individuals who are passionate about developing and equipping leaders to touch and change the world. Jeff Dixon has a Master's Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is an in-demand conference leader and speaker. LeeAnn Stayer is an active consultant for many high impact community events organized by churches and leaders. 

Michael Simmonds is a gifted songwriter who shares his talent through celebration worship. He specializes in adventure recreation and equipping leaders and staff members to be stronger. Richard Israel began his ministry at Covenant in 2007. He has a passion for growing students, developing leaders, and ministering to families.

434 in Motion

Worshipping the Lord is now possible through digital means. Just like how we utilize platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus for leisure, The Church @ 434 also creates and releases original content for church members to watch online through our streaming media service. Join live streams and go back to it anytime without having to leave the comforts of your home. It is like nothing that any church has ever done before.

Understand scriptures and learn important lessons through series like A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop, Give Me a Word, The Hero in You, and more. What’s great about 434 in Motion is you can re-watch all of our videos on demand through our website, Facebook, app, and Youtube channel.

Worship Services

The Church @ 434 has the Sonrise Bible Study every Sunday where we look into ourselves and how we understand our relationship with God. Worship on Demand tackles topics that we are yearning answers for through a series of discussions with the Lord’s presence always at the forefront. From the pandemic to knowing your place in the world, we’ll help you realize that God has always been beside you.

We also have the midweek CORE studies, an audio series that allows us to reevaluate the way God works in our lives. Find encouragement and clarity on your faith after listening to these. The Church @ 434 provides a feed for a podcast on sermons from our Sunday Morning Celebration Worship services.

Vast Resources

If you’re one of those people trying to understand their own faith, don’t worry! The Church @ 434 offers resources that can help you answer challenging questions about yourselves and others. Through the available material, you’ll learn to make decisions and choices that are in accordance with the will of the Lord.          


The Church @ 434 has some of the most impactful community events that are centered on God’s love. This is part of our belief that every follower of Christ is called on to be a minister. For example, Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs ages 14 and older.

Meanwhile, Christmas Dreams allows children diagnosed with life-threatening diseases to celebrate Christmas earlier. We also have annual activities like Magic 107.7 Easter Egg Hunt and Face the Fear during Halloween. 

Feel Closer to the Lord

If you’re looking for a ministry that provides comprehensive ways to foster and strengthen your relationship with the Lord, turn to The Church @ 434. We organize events, facilitate Bible studies, and create original content to guide everybody on their journey towards a holistic understanding of their faith. Be a part of our ministry and realize how God’s love can shape you and the world you live in. Reach out to us.