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The Eyes of Fear (s1e6) – Grasshoppers

In this episode, we look at uninformed assumptions that we make and how fear makes us look at ourselves as inadequate.

Ask Jeff (s1e36) – Pagan Holiday?

In this episode, we look at the question: Should we celebrate Christmas since it is a pagan holiday?

The Eyes of Fear (s1e5) – Spreading Negativity

In this episode, we look at how fear can be infectious and how faith helps combat it.

Trust the Science (s1e4) – Body Odor & Voting

In this episode, we look at how your sense of smell helps determine how you will vote.

With Great Power Comes a Huge Electric Bill – Genius (Session Three)

Genius is the name of the series. We have seen the way a genius thinks and we have seen some specific areas that genius must work in. Now, we discover that Jesus – as only a genius could – saw power as no one had ever imagined it…He reminded us with power comes great responsibility. If we are going to become like Him and allow His genius to be unleashed in us, then we have to understand as He explains the genius of power (and the cost)- today we will see how much power a genius can have.

The Eyes of Fear (s1e4) – Self-defeating Prophecies

In this episode, we look at powerful thinking and self-defeating prophecies.

Ask Jeff (s1e35) – Fun sizes?

In this episode, Jeff answers the question about why small candy bars are called fun size.

The Sweet Spot of Genius (Session Two)

The Sweet Spot of Genius (Session Two)

Trust the Science (s1e3) – Squealing Plants?

In this episode, we look at the sounds plants make when hurt.

The Eyes of Fear (s1e3) – Scarcity Mindset

In this episode, we look at how a scarcity mindset robs you of the joy God puts in your life and how we should look at things faith filled and faith driven.

Using the Whole Box of Crayons – Genius (Session Two)

The series is called Genius and we are daring to ask the question “is there a genius waiting in each of us to be untapped?” It was Albert Einstein who once said, “You have to color outside the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece” – now we all know Al was a pretty smart guy. But in our opening session we found out who the greatest genius ever really was…and today… we will take the next step forward in seeing how lives can become better and brighter is we are willing to embrace who God has created us to be!

Ask Jeff (s1e34) – Choice between two superpowers

In this episode, Jeff answers the question about whether he would rather be invisible or have the ability to fly. He also take a side trip to answer whether he would rather be Batman or Spiderman.

Trust the Science (s1e2) – Passing Kidney Stones

In this episode, we look at the effects of riding a roller coaster on kidney stones.

The Sweet Spot of Genius (Session One)

The Sweet Spot of Genius (Session One)

The Eyes of Fear (s1e2) – Behind the BUT is an excuse

In this episode, we look at the stress caused by conflicting information.

The Origin of the Dream of Freedom (s1e7) – Exalting A Nation

In this episode, we look at Patrick Henry’s life and what he believed the role of righteousness would play in the rise or fall of our nation.

Heavenly Inspiration and Human Perspiration – Genius (Session One)

Way to go Genius! Has anyone ever said that to you? They probably didn’t mean it as a compliment, but perhaps in hindsight they should have. If you have ever felt that there was within you untapped potential, latent talent, and even hidden genius somewhere inside of you – this is your day, your study, and your series! This is the first in a series where we will begin to explore a topic that is not usually talked about in church circles – we will study the genius of Jesus and attempt to unlock the genius within each of us, Get ready – it will be fun

Ask Jeff (s1e33) – Why are manhole covers round?

In this episode, we look at why manhole covers are round. It is really a simple reason.

Trust the Science (s1e1) – W.E.I.R.D.

Welcome to a new series here at The Church @ 434 in Motion.
Series Description: A series designed to introduce you to some amazing science and what it means

Episode Description: In this episode we look at the direction that most people lean, when kissing.

The Eyes of Fear (s1e1) – Your Perspective

Series Description: A limited run series. New beginnings, new relationships, new jobs, new friends, new school, and yes – even a new year brings with it a chance to start fresh – sometimes we blow it because we are afraid

We don’t have to be that way

Episode Description: This is an introduction to the series and we look how you approach what is going on, with faith or fear.

Ask Jeff – Episode 32 (S1E32) – So Glad You Asked That (Session Four)

I’m So Glad You Asked That!!! (Session Four)

We discovered that we had never posted this back in June, so we apologize for that.

Wisdom From the Hen Den (s1e16) – Pecked 3 Times

In this episode, we look at expectations we have for followers and how we should be when they fail, which they will.

Rewriting the Next Year -or- How Christmas Rewrote History – Making the Season Bright (Session Six)

It is the beginning of a New Year. The year that was has come and gone. You really didn’t have too much to do with the passing of time, but how you passed the time is what defined your year. So as we continue to think about Making the Season Bright, how can we honestly make this a year that will become one of the greatest years of our lives? Can that even happen? Dare we think it? Of course it can and we should!

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Recent Worship Service Series

Genius Series

Genius Series

In our world, everything around us – art, technology, science, industry is dusted with stories of genius. Geniuses violate the status quo, destabilize conventional thinking, and disrupt history by making us see the world differently.

Jesus steps into time and space and violates the status quo, destabilized conventional thinking, and disrupted history forcing us to see the world differently. Jesus changed the possibilities of what it means to be human.

If you want your life to move from the mundane to the miraculous, then perhaps it is time to allow the Genius of Jesus to live in you

Making the Season Bright Series

Making the Season Bright Series

It is here! The most wonderful time of the year…Christmas. Christmas @ 434 is truly an exciting time, we hope you are ready for all the fun and excitement of the season. You might have noticed that for some people, Christmas gets a little complicated. Wonderful and complicated don’t always seem to fit together…so how can you help? This year we begin our “Make the Season Bright” series with a reminder of how complicated it can be.

I Have Attitude Series

I Have Attitude Series

It is an attitude that needs to define our lives. If we can live it out, we have lives with deeper and richer meaning – the attitude is Gratitude and the Now What for this morning may be the most revolutionary idea you have ever tried.

Fire Series

Fire Series

Some strange things have dropped from the sky.

When something leaves orbit and comes crashing to the planet, people tend to notice.

Through the history of Scripture, we can travel back in time and notice some things that have come from the sky.

These are not man-made objects but instead – supernatural events.

The most amazing may be heaven sent FIRE.

Seven different times we find fire coming out of Heaven and always for a reason…

In this FIRE we find something that we need to learn that keep us on Fire for the Father…

Get ready to experience – FIRE

Recent Sonrise & CORE Studies

Up In the Sky – A Christmas Experience

Up In the Sky – A Christmas Experience

You know the story very well. There was a star in Bethlehem. We know it as the Christmas Star. It is the one that the wise men followed, you see it on greeting cards, and you have always wondered about it.

What does the star show us today? What can we learn about the birth of Jesus from it? Why does it matter at all?

The answers are all wrapped up in a true Christmas experience we are calling Up in the Sky

It was on Fire when I lay down on it Series

It was on Fire when I lay down on it Series

This Mid-Week Core series @ 434 is a three week look where we look beyond wondering why and instead strive to find the “what” we must learn as we deal with fire

This is designed to be a deeper dive into some of themes of the Celebration Worship series entitled “FIRE”

Get ready to go on the quest for fire

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